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Sound Barrier Fence: Know Your Options

Nothing is worse than having your quiet, peaceful surroundings interrupted by loud noise. A sound barrier fence can do wonders if you are looking for fencing options that offer noise reduction.


What to Consider When Deciding on a Sound Barrier Fence




Budget considerations are the first step when deciding on fencing material.


Level of soundproofing desired:


The next step is determining how loud the noise is, how close you are to the source, and what level of soundproofing you want to achieve.




What kind of look are you after? This can help determine the type of fencing you install and if you are open to temporary soundproof blankets or panels.


Local Zoning:


Check your local zoning laws. Height matters. The best soundproofing fence must be at least six feet tall to be effective.


Top Three Types of Sound Barrier Fence


Fences that provide high noise reduction:


●      Concrete walls are the ultimate sound barrier but can be expensive and offer little flexibility.


●      Brick walls are next. They offer similar noise reduction at a slightly lower level but work well. The downside is they are expensive to install and repair but a beautiful fencing option.


●      Vinyl fencing that is solid with no gaps and thicker panels is the best option all around. They can be constructed of mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), a thick, heavy material that acts as a great sound barrier. They absorb sound and also deflect it in the opposite direction.


Privacy and sound-dampening fences


●      Wooden fences, especially fences constructed from red cedar, provide suitable sound barriers and are economical. The tongue and groove design, which doesn’t allow for gaps, makes them the best wooden fence option—eliminating gaps at ground level is an added benefit.


●      Vinyl fences also provide privacy and excellent noise cancellation.


What are my Options if I Already Have a Fence?


You have several options for soundproofing an existing fence. Sound blankets or mass-loaded vinyl, sold in rolls for outdoor use, can be added to your existing fence.


The mass-loaded vinyl sheets can be installed on a wooden fence by removing sections, installing the vinyl between the posts and supports, and reinstalling the wood panels.


Another option, especially if you are only looking for a temporary solution, is sound quilt blankets that can be hung or draped over your existing fence.


Other soundproofing additions include shrubbery and trees, especially evergreens, in front of your fencing and behind if you desire added noise reduction.


Fountains also mask unwanted noise with the pleasing sounds of gurgling water.


You don’t have to live with noise disrupting your life. Premier Fence offers many fencing types and styles to fit your budget.


Our team of expert fence builders is highly experienced and knowledgeable. We are available to help you design the right fence for your needs.


Noise reduction, privacy, and aesthetics: we always use high-quality materials and offer competitive pricing and superior customer service.


Schedule a free estimate today.  Premier Fence is your trusted Charlotte Fence company!






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