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Fences are a great way to keep your privacy while being able to enjoy the pleasures of being outdoors. Moreover, fences can be a great way to keep your pets or children safe in your yard. However, fences are not impervious to damage. Many fences fall into disrepair due to inclement weather, blunt force damage, or simple wear and tear. A fence that is not whole is not much of a fence at all, so getting a broken fence repaired is important. 

Finding a good quality fence repair at a reasonable price can leave many discombobulated. In fact, many fence companies do not offer the professional and efficient workmanship that Premier Fence does. We are not only quality fence installers and fence builders we repair any broken fence, regardless of whether we were the original installers. Additionally, we do not limit ourselves to a specific kind of fence. We can repair wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link fence repairs at an affordable rate. 

Ryan Swancy

Brian and his team were amazing, they installed our entire fence in one day. The fence looks fantastic and they took extra time to make sure the fence fit around the large trees in our yard. They were professional, fast, and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fence.

Premier Fence is fantastic! Brian came over, saw the difficult challenge of my yard, and was back a couple weeks later to complete the beautiful fence! His guys were so attentive to every detail, cleaned up everything and left my new fence looking amazing!!! I highly recommend them to anyone!!

Timothy Hetherington

Premier Fencing installed a fence on our property last week. We enjoyed working with Brian and the rest of the team. Strong communication throughout the project. Fantastic installation and high-quality product. Definitely recommend!

Wood fences are a very popular choice of fence for several reasons. They are cheap, they look great, they come in a lot of different styles, and they can offer a lot of privacy. However, they are liable to become damaged due to weather, extreme temperatures, force damage, or the simple wear and tear of time. In fact, the preponderance of wood fences needs to be repaired at some point during their use cycle. What is great about wood fencing is that it is easy to repair, and just as cheap as it is to install. You can replace and repair wood fencing literally piece by piece as the need arises. Minor repairs for wood fencing can easily be done as a DIY project, but major damage, and some damage done to the integral structure can be difficult to repair as a weekend project. We offer wood fence repairs at an affordable rate and at professional quality.

The main advantage of vinyl fencing is that it lasts. Unlike wooden fencing, vinyl fencing does not rot or splinter. Vinyl fencing is not invincible, however, and long-standing vinyl fencing may get warped. Vinyl fencing is also as equally susceptible to weather damage, like wind and hail, as wooden fencing. Fortunately, if you need someone to fix your vinyl fencing you need look no further than Premier Fence. Unlike wooden fences, not all vinyl fences can be replaced by individual boards. Some kinds of vinyl fence come in panels, and when that panel is broken the whole panel needs to be replaced. It can also be a bit more complicated than simply hammering a nail into a board. Fortunately, our fence contractors can professionally and effectively replace and repair vinyl fencing.

Chain-link fencing, much like its metal counterpart aluminum fencing, is very durable and able to stand up to the elements very well. However, when damaged, often by being hit with something very hard, it is rather tricky to repair. Fortunately, most of the damage done to chain link fences is done to the poles that hold together the actual chain linking. These can be ripped from the ground, bent, or broken. If this happens, repair is as simple as replacing the pole or poles that have been damaged. If the actual chain link that comprises the fence itself is damaged it can either be repaired or replaced. A small break in some of the links can be patched relatively simply, but a larger tear or break might require an entire panel be replaced. If you have a damaged fence of any kind, it is important to keep in mind that it is nearly always cheaper to repair an existing fence than to completely replace the entire fence. Regardless of what kind of damage your fence has and if you just need someone to help you when you say, “fix my fence” Premier Fence is there for you.

Fence Repair

One of the upsides to aluminum fencing is that it is durable and weather resistant. It would take some very extreme weather to damage aluminum fencing, to the point that your fence would be the least of your worries. On the flip side aluminum fencing is still susceptible to damage from impacts. The aluminum can be bent, cracked, or even shorn from the ground. With properly installed fencing this does not happen easily, but when it does rest assured that it is repairable. At Premier Fence we can replace or repair any part or amount of an aluminum fence. Some parts may be fully replaced, whereas others may be able to simply be repaired. Aluminum fencing can be difficult to repair or replace without the proper materials or tools. Minor repairs can be done as DIY projects, but it’s best to leave major repairs to the professionals. Luckily aluminum is not that expensive, and fencing can be replaced at an affordable rate.

If you would like to learn more about the Premier Fence company, call us at 704-620-4493 or schedule your estimate online. We are aluminum fence installers you can trust. 

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