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Chain-Link Fence Installation

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Chain link fence installation is a great option for people less concerned with privacy and more concerned with containment. You can find many of them in the Charlotte area. Chain-link fences are a great, sturdy, dependable, and affordable option for homeowners and business owners.


What it lacks in looks it makes up for in efficiency. Chain link fencing can last a lifetime and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is not easily damaged by heavy winds, or extreme temperatures. Additionally chain-link fence is durable and will not easily bend or warp due to impact. Of course, everything has its breaking point, but if you are looking for the most affordable and durable option for your yard then chain-link is the way to go.

The main drawbacks for chain-link is that it does not provide a lot of privacy in terms of sightlines, and it does not come with a lot of stylistic varieties, that said it has a variety of use cases. You can use it to contain pets or livestock, keep a specific area cordoned off such as a pool, or use it for a recreational area like a baseball diamond. Additionally, you can use a chain link fence installation as a security measure to keep people out of an area.

Ryan Swancy

Brian and his team were amazing, they installed our entire fence in one day. The fence looks fantastic and they took extra time to make sure the fence fit around the large trees in our yard. They were professional, fast, and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fence.

Premier Fence is fantastic! Brian came over, saw the difficult challenge of my yard, and was back a couple weeks later to complete the beautiful fence! His guys were so attentive to every detail, cleaned up everything and left my new fence looking amazing!!! I highly recommend them to anyone!!

Timothy Hetherington

Premier Fencing installed a fence on our property last week. We enjoyed working with Brian and the rest of the team. Strong communication throughout the project. Fantastic installation and high-quality product. Definitely recommend!

What is a chain link fence?

A chain link fence installation is made up of either galvanized or steel wire. The wires are a mesh of zig-zag pattern wires. It is one of the most common types of fencing and certainly the most popular kind of metal fencing. A chain link fence is composed of metal posts, rails, fittings, and all the other related hardware necessary for supporting the actual chain link that creates the fence itself.

While maybe not the most versatile fencing option, chain link fence installation does have multiple style, size, and appearance options. You are not limited to getting the classic 6-foot gray steel. There are different color options, size options, and even various application options. Chain link fences do not even need to be permanent. Many people go for temporary fences to restrict access to specific areas for a limited time. This is especially useful for things like construction projects or landscaping.

Chain link fence installation works the same way as most other fence installations, with a couple of unique differences. A good fence builder always preps their materials and makes sure they have everything before starting. There are several parts and pieces that go into chain link fence installation, more so than most other fences. There are the line post caps, top rail, end post caps, rail ends, tension bands, tie wire, chain link fence posts, tension wire, end post/corner post, and finally the tension bar. This excludes the optional parts like the top rail sleeve, gates, and brace band.

At the end of the day, you can save a lot of time and effort by having a professional fencing contractor install the fence for you. The chain link builders at Premier Fence have a lot of experience in chain link fences. We are the chain link fence installers that can guarantee a professional and expert installation.

How does chain link fence installation work?

Why choose a chain link fence?

Chain link fencing is great for security reasons. It’s maybe the best fence at keeping things in or out of a specific area. Chain link installations work great for both commercial and private needs. It does not have to be ugly and garish either. Just because chain link does not have the same versatility as other fencing such as wood, aluminum, or vinyl chain link can be made to look sleek, and compliment any yard, park, or field.

If you would like to learn more about the Premier Fence company, call us at 704-620-4493 or schedule your estimate online. We are aluminum fence installers you can trust. 

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