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wood fence installed in fort mill

Wood Fence Installation in Fort Mill, SC

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Wood is the most common type of fence. Wood is affordable, can offer privacy, is flexible in its applications, and has a rustic look that can offer a complementing look to any yard or house. The affordability of wood fencing does not mean that wood fencing sacrifices quality.

Wood fencing can last for decades, and if some outside forces such as weather damages your fence it is easy to replace in parts. As a fence company dedicated to your satisfaction, Premier Fence can provide you a wide range of wood fencing. Wood fence installers will tell you that wood is incredibly customizable. There are plenty of style varieties to choose from.  These include, side-by-side, board-on-board, lattice, post and rail, and many more. Moreover, there are different kinds of woods and varnishes to choose from. These options will ensure that you can find a style and color to match your vision for your property.

Most fence companies will tell you that wood fencing does not last long, which is only half true. While wood fencing does not last if vinyl or aluminum there are plenty of options for preventing the natural wear and tear of the environment on wooden fencing such as staining and sealing.

Ryan Swancy

Brian and his team were amazing, they installed our entire fence in one day. The fence looks fantastic and they took extra time to make sure the fence fit around the large trees in our yard. They were professional, fast, and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fence.

Premier Fence is fantastic! Brian came over, saw the difficult challenge of my yard, and was back a couple weeks later to complete the beautiful fence! His guys were so attentive to every detail, cleaned up everything and left my new fence looking amazing!!! I highly recommend them to anyone!!

Timothy Hetherington

Premier Fencing installed a fence on our property last week. We enjoyed working with Brian and the rest of the team. Strong communication throughout the project. Fantastic installation and high-quality product. Definitely recommend!

What is a wood fence?

A wood fence is more than just a couple of boards slapped together. A wood fence is your safety and privacy. Wood fences are made up of three major components: posts, rails, and either pickets or in-fill boards. The posts are the backbone of the wooden fence, keeping the fence together. Every other part of the fence is attached in some way to the posts, so strong posts are paramount to the success of the fence. The rails are the long pieces of wood that run perpendicular to the posts and pickets. These help to fortify the pickets and keep your fence tethered together. The pickets or boards are the tall skinny pieces of wood that make up the fence itself. Which of the two you will have will depend on the purpose of your fence. 


 Pickets are smaller, more spaced out, and used for fences more concerned with containment and decoration. Think white picket fence to denote the property line and accent the brick house of the traditional American Dream. Boards on the other hand are much taller, and packed side by side. In fill boards are great for privacy, protection from the elements, or keeping in larger pets. 


 Fencing a yard is a great option for many families looking for privacy or safety. Unfortunately, not many find a fence builder that can provide them with a solid, and well-built fence. Conveniently, wood fences are not only the most popular, but the most affordable, and can provide you with the safety and privacy you need. Keep everything that you want in your yard in and everything you want out of your yard out of it, including prying eyes.

Installation of a new fence can be complicated. Even professional wood fence installers take their time to make sure it is perfect. From planning to driving the final nail there is a lot to consider. The planning stage can involve securing a permit, surveying the land, mapping out required materials needed and acquiring them, as well as marking out the actual land where the fencing will go. Next comes measuring and marking. Measuring out the fence and marking where each post will go requires precision, because one mistake can cascade into a poorly constructed fence. After everything is planned and marked it is time to start the construction process. This begins with digging the holes where the posts will go. Once you dig all the holes you can position the posts in the ground with concrete. Next you connect each of the posts with railing. Once the railing is up you can finally attach all the boards or pickets. Once all the boards are in you may want to attach post caps or even stain or treat the wood to keep it better protected from the elements.


If you want you can certainly turn yourself into a DIY wood fence installer, but it takes a long time to install a fence properly. You would be much better off trusting the wood fence builders at Premier Fence. We can save you time, install the fence professionally, and still be affordable.

How does wood fence installation work?