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5 Exterior Home Improvements to Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is all about first impressions. Many exterior home improvements can significantly increase your home’s “wow factor” without spending much time or money.


5 Easy Exterior Home Improvements to Boost Curb Appeal


  1. Front Door:


Make your front door a statement piece by painting it in a bold or complementary color. Add a new doorknob, knocker, and bold house numbers for an extra touch of drama.


  1. Porch:


Your front porch is an extension of your living space, making it a great place to add comfortable seating, potted plants, and a stylish new doormat. Stringing outdoor lights creates a soft glow in the evenings.


  1. Window boxes:


Colorful container gardens with cascading vines and vibrant flowers can add a lush pop of color to the front of your house, creating a dramatic statement.


  1. Paint your fence:


Depending on the type of fence, a well-maintained fence can add sophistication, like a decorative metal fence or a picket fence for a quaint cottage feel.


If you have a wooden fence, power washing it to remove dirt and mold growth, followed by a fresh coat of paint or sealer, will give the front of your home new life.


For a modern look, consider replacing your fence with wood panels or sleek metal fencing for sophistication and style.


5.   Landscaping:


Beautiful landscaping makes a bold statement. Frame your home with colorful flowers, shrubs, and trees for color throughout the year. Fresh mulch lining your beds and walkways adds a neat, polished look.


Keep your lawn in good condition by keeping it lush and weed-free. Strategic landscaping placement can also be used to hide imperfections or create areas of privacy.


Other Improvement Ideas


Another idea to add dramatic flair to the front of your home is landscape lighting. Strategically placed lighting adds a magic feel at night and increases your home’s security from intruders.


Strategically placed lights in trees, flower beds, and walkways call attention to different features. Uplighting the front of your home creates a warm, inviting appearance.


Motion sensor lights near your driveway and doors will deter unwanted visitors and improve nighttime safety.


Seasonal wreaths on your front door will add personality and a fun way to celebrate the different seasons.


Consider Premier Fence


At Premier Fence, we have many different styles of fencing to help you design an outdoor space that will add drama and curb appeal to your home.


Our vinyl and metal fencing adds a decorative, high-end feel. Our wood fencing can be designed to fit your style, create privacy, and act as a boundary for your property line, and our picket fences create an inviting, quaint visual from the street.


These simple exterior home improvements will add impact and take your home’s exterior from ordinary to extraordinary.


Make a lasting impression. Premier Fence can help you with all your fencing needs.


We offer competitive prices and satisfaction guaranteed. Our expert fencing installers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Contact us today for a free estimate.



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