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Your Guide to Vinyl Fences: Know Your Options

Installing a vinyl fence is an excellent choice because of its durability, low maintenance, and attractive look. It is highly versatile and offers a variety of styles, color options, and heights.


A vinyl fence is easy to install and worth the extra upfront investment because it requires little maintenance and looks new for years.


Understanding vinyl fences


Vinyl fencing is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a strong, weather-resistant plastic that can withstand harsh weather conditions, like rain, snow, and sun, without warping, rotting, or rusting.


A vinyl fence is low-maintenance because it doesn’t require staining or painting. Regular cleaning with a hose is enough to keep it looking new and in excellent condition.


Vinyl fence options


Your fence style options range from classic picket to privacy fences and solid panels.


Picket fences:


Picket fences have evenly spaced panels or pickets that allow airflow and create a cottage feel. They come in various heights and picket styles, such as scalloped, pointed, and rounded tops.


Charlotte fence law requires front yard fences to be a maximum height of 5 feet. They also can’t obstruct the view of intersections or create safety hazards.


Privacy fences:


A privacy fence has solid panels that offer complete privacy and noise reduction. They are available in different heights and post cap styles.


Local laws allow a side yard privacy fence to be 6 feet between the setback and the rear yard. Your backyard fence can be 8 feet tall, and fence caps can extend up to 2 feet above these maximum height ranges.


Semi-private fences:


This type of fence has evenly spaced pickets or latticework panels that provide some visibility and airflow yet still create a barrier.


Post-and-rail fences:


This is a classic ranch-style fence with horizontal rails supported by vertical posts. It is a great choice if you want to create a boundary without blocking any views.


Additional considerations


Post material: Fence posts are typically vinyl, but metal can be used for extra strength in some cases.


Gates come in a variety of styles. Be sure to pick a gate style that matches the overall look of your fence.  You can also pick self-closing mechanisms and decorative hardware.


Vinyl fence comes in a wide range of top styles like classic, lattice top, spindle top, and decorative post caps.


Premier Fence offers a variety of colors, including earth tones, such as whites, greys, browns, or black, and bold colors like green, blue, or red.  We also offer wood imitation and stucco looks.


Vinyl fence maintenance


Here are a few tips to keep your low-maintenance fence looking great.


  • Regular rinsing with a garden hose will remove dirt, dust, and grime.

  • Tough stains can be removed with a mild soap solution and a soft brush. Just avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners.

  • Regularly inspect your fence for signs of damage requiring minor repairs.


Contact Premier Fence to schedule a free, on-site estimate to learn more about all your vinyl fencing options.



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