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Does a Fence Increase Property Value?

Transform your property into a prized possession. That’s the beauty of a fence. It isn’t just a statement piece. It frames your property with elegance and security.


Fences are more than just wood or metal. They are strategic investments. How does a fence increase property value? It elevates your property in tangible and intangible ways.


Does a fence increase property value? Breakdown by type


A well-chosen fence is a wise investment that will more than pay for itself.


You can expect anywhere from a 5-15% increase in property value by building a fence. The exact amount depends on your location, materials, and fence style. Your return could be higher.


If you’re looking for a high return on investment, then install a wood fence for a (5-10% increase in property value), stone/masonry (8-12% in property value), or wrought iron at (7-10%).


Keep your fence height between 6 and 8 feet for maximum benefit. Wood is versatile and long-lasting, metal/aluminum adds sophisticated style, and vinyl is growing in popularity in urban/suburban settings.


Fencing materials that offer a moderate return on investment are usually vinyl (3-7%), increase in property value, or aluminum (4-8%). Remember, with the growing popularity of these fencing materials, you could get a high return as well.


Chain link fencing is not a good option; it doesn’t add to your property’s value.


Remember, these are approximate estimates; returns could be higher depending on many factors, such as location and materials.


Let’s explore the intangible benefits:


−   Curb appeal


Curb appeal is like a silent salesperson. First impressions matter. A fence is like a polished frame drawing your eye to your home.


−   Property line definition


It defines your boundaries and creates a sense of order.


−    Privacy


Privacy is a commodity in high demand by today’s homeowners. A fence offers a private world where you can relax, unwind, and entertain without feeling like you are on display.


−   Tranquility


This feeling resonates deeply with families with children or pets. Not having to worry about being outside, knowing there are boundaries.


−    Security


Fencing discourages unwanted visitors and creates a safe haven for children and pets to wander and play.


−   Increased functionality


Besides being a barrier, they are also an option for endless creativity. You can define play areas, vertical gardening, little ponds, and entertaining areas.


Fencing provides endless opportunities for creative design. Materials like wood, metal, or vinyl can complement any house style.


Final thoughts: Premier Fence can help with the details


Always take into consideration local market trends. At Premier Fence, we can show you the latest design options and discuss all your fencing needs.


Choose quality over quantity. A well-built fence will always add more value than cheap or poorly constructed fences.


Understand your local zoning laws or HOA laws before constructing your fence.


For personalized advice, consult a specialist at Premier Fence to discuss your design options, budget, and style preferences.


Contact Premier Fence for a free estimate today!

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