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Best Climbing Plants for Fences

Landscaping, especially climbing plants for fences, can add color and beauty to your backyard. Before deciding on the plants you want to use, here are a few questions.


Do you need shade-loving plants, have direct sun, want easy maintenance, fragrant vines, or fast-growing plants?


The best choices consider the look you want, sunlight conditions, your specific climate, and the level of maintenance you desire.


Shade Loving Climbing Plants for Fences


Boston Ivy provides dense coverage and tolerates many soil conditions. Perfect shade-loving climbing plant.


Chocolate vine: stunning maroon foliage that attracts butterflies and loves shade or partial shade.


Climbing hydrangea: white flowers that love shade or partial shade but need significant moisture to thrive and build lush vines and flowers.


Climbing clematis: pick a suitable variety. Some clematis require sun, so find a shade-loving variety for lush, healthy blooms.


Fragrant Climbing Plants for Fences




The sweet smell of honeysuckle attracts pollinators, and it needs full sun and well-drained soil to do its best.


Climbing roses:


Climbing roses come in a variety of vibrant colors and fragrances. Roses also need well-drained soil and full sun.


Star jasmine:


This evergreen has sweet-smelling white flowers and can grow well in full sun or partial shade.




Show-stopping fragrant purple flowers. Keep in mind wisteria needs support from your fence and regular pruning to do well.


Fast-Growing Climbing Plants for Fences


Morning Glory:


Annual flowers available in many colors. They like full sun and well-drained soil.


Black-eyed Susan Vine:


Pretty yellow flowers that bloom all summer and also do well in partial shade.




A climbing variety available in many colors. They like well-drained soil and the support of your fence to grow and spread.


Trumpet Vine:


Hummingbirds love trumpet vines. The large orange, red, or yellow flowers are spectacular in the spring and are fast-growing, but they need a robust support system like your fence to grow well.


Low-Maintenance Climbing Plants for Fences


Virginia creeper:


A fast-growing, lush foliage that needs minimal pruning. Often, it is mistaken for poison ivy, but it is not of that variety. It has lush green foliage in the spring/summer and vibrant foliage in the fall.




Versatile, does well in many conditions, and needs minimal pruning. There are many varieties, so pick one best suited to your situation.




These interesting plants offer lush, green foliage and unusual cones. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil to thrive.


English ivy:


This classic dense foliage is excellent for privacy and adds perfect coverage for your backyard fence. It does well in shade and sun and various soil conditions.


Climbing plants can be a beautiful addition to your fence and backyard landscaping. Researching a plant’s potential for being invasive is essential to ensure you have a plant variety you can manage.


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