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What are Popular Wood Fence Styles?

Wood fences are among the most popular fence styles because of their versatility, durability, and relative affordability. They complement most house styles and landscape designs as an attractive solution for privacy or decoration.

Fence Styles Wood

Premier Fence offers wood fence styles in a variety of sizes and designs. Your choice should be based on what you want to accomplish. Are you looking for privacy, or do you want a decorative front yard appeal or garden design?

Wood Privacy fence styles

Privacy wood fence styles are usually between 6-8 feet tall and can have a solid or an open design, depending on the amount of privacy you’re looking for.

Stockade-style fences

Stockade-style fences offer backyard privacy. They are built with vertical boards spaced next to each other to create the feeling of a solid wall.


Board-on-board wood fence styles offer complete privacy. This type of fence is built by overlapping the boards so there are no wooden gaps. This also creates privacy on both sides of the fence.

This is the most durable fence style, beautifully decorative, and one of the most expensive to build because of the extra fencing material needed for the overlapping design.

Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox fences are privacy fences made by alternating fence boards for a decorative feeling of depth.

Lattice Fence

A lattice fence is an open weave fence made with panels in a diamond, criss cross-shaped pattern framed with heavier boards to create panels. This is an excellent choice if you aren’t as worried about privacy but want a more decorative design.

Privacy fences can also be designed with decorative tops called “Dog Ear,” meaning the tops of the boards are cut in a wavy pattern or scalloped.

Decorative, Garden and Front Yard Fences

Decorative fences are usually between 3-4 feet tall and have an open design.

Picket Fence

The picket fence is pure Americana. A classic front yard fence that is usually stained or painted. It is also used a lot in garden design. Pickets are evenly spaced, shorter than privacy fence boards, with a more open design.

The fence boards (pickets) are usually designed with pointed tops but can be dog-eared or scalloped.

Post and Rail Fence

A post and rail fence is a rustic style fence usually used on farms and ranches because it can cover a considerable distance while still being relatively affordable.

The post and rail design is built by installing vertical posts, with horizontal fence boards attached using either a 2, 3, or 4 board design. Classic design with simple, clean lines that always stay in style.

Split Rail

Split Rail fencing is much like post and rail fencing; it is just more rustic. It is made with split logs spaced evenly apart for a decorative, western feel.

Premier Fence designs, builds, and repairs fences that last. Whether for privacy, security, or child safety, we have the expertise to handle your job confidently and reliably.

Our team of expert fence builders is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and we always use high-quality materials for our fences. We offer competitive prices and a satisfaction guarantee.

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