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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Yard

Premier Fence offers these guidelines for how to choose a fence for your yard.

Several factors should be considered, like your overall goal, your preferences, and the style of your house and landscaping.

The most crucial decision factor should be based on your needs. Do you need privacy from your neighbors? A barrier for kids and pets, enhance curb appeal, or define your property line. It could be all the above or just some aspects.

Once you determine your overall goal, consider your home’s style and aesthetics.

How to Choose a Fence – By Home Style

Traditional homes look great with picket fences and classic wood fence designs.

Rustic or Farmhouse style is best complemented by wood, especially post and rail, split rail, or a weathered-look fence design.

Modern homes call for sleek lines with a minimalist feel. Aluminum, vinyl, and wrought iron are excellent choices for houses with a modern design.

Coastal or beachfront homes should have a long-lasting fence to withstand extreme weather like salt air, corrosion, and high wind. Excellent choices would be aluminum, vinyl, or treated wood.

Privacy Fences vs. Open Design

A solid fence design is required if you are interested in total privacy. This is best accomplished with the many wood designs available or vinyl.

A picket, lattice, or aluminum fence are all open-concept fences designed to allow visibility and airflow while still defining a space.


Maintenance should be the next defining criterion. Do you want a relatively maintenance-free fence, like vinyl or aluminum? Or do you want wood, which will require regular staining, painting, or sealing?

Regardless of the fence type, Premier Fence encourages a regular maintenance schedule for cleaning, debris cleanup, landscape trimming, staining, painting, or sealing to extend your fence’s lifespan.

Budget and Installation Costs

Budget and installation costs will determine the fence type, materials, and height based on the area you need to cover. Set a realistic budget and consult a professional team for accurate expectations.

Using a professional fence company like Premier Fence will ensure that your job is done right, is properly installed, and carries a warranty for your protection.

Future Needs

A fence is a significant investment, so planning for future needs like kids, pets, and landscaping is important.

How to Choose a Fence based on Yard Size

Small Yards

Small yards look great with a simplistic design that allows visibility and style. Fence types like picket fencesand aluminum add visual interest without creating overwhelm.

If you need a taller design for better containment, a lattice style or post and rail fence would work well because it still creates openness and visibility while providing height.

Large Yards

Large yards offer a wide range of possibilities. You can use fencing to create different zones. Aluminum or wrought iron for a pool, pickets for a garden or patio area, and solid, tall wood fences for defining the perimeter of your property for total privacy.

The possibilities are endless, and the professionals at Premier Fence would like to help you design your perfect fence.

We understand that a fence is a significant investment. That is why we are committed to using quality materials and providing outstanding customer service!

Schedule a free estimate with one of our fencing professionals.

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