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Privacy Fence Ideas to Consider

Privacy fences are great for defining your property borders. They are also an excellent option for providing a safe, secure environment for your children and pets, and they can be beautiful at the same time.

When it comes to privacy fence ideas, there are many options to choose from. At Premier Fence, we can provide all of your fencing needs. Let’s explore your privacy fencing options:

Privacy fence Ideas

Let’s start with a classic wood fence: Wood fences offer timeless beauty and privacy and are available in many designs. Pickets, board-and-batten, and other board configurations provide privacy without sacrificing style.

You can match the look of your house and property by painting, staining, and adding design elements like trellises for climbing shrubs and plants.

Next up, corrugated metal fences built with a wood border can create beautiful panels. This is another of the many privacy fence ideas you can choose from. The fences have a modern, industrial look that is low maintenance and extremely durable.

Corrugated metal can be painted to match your house design or left natural for a rustic look.

Bamboo fence is a natural, eco-friendly option that gives the feeling of the tropics. Bamboo is also solid and durable and can be painted to match your style preferences or left untouched.

Vertical garden fence is a space-saving, eco-friendly idea for combining the natural beauty of fencing with the lush greenery of plants to create a cozy, inviting environment. The vertical garden portion can be built using planters, special hanging plant wall systems, or hanging baskets.

A lattice fence is a great way to create privacy while allowing sunlight and airflow. It is decorative, unique, and can be designed with many interesting elements. They can be constructed of wood, vinyl, or metal.

Metal fences offer a beautiful, graceful privacy option that looks polished and rich. Many design options and combinations of elements can be used to create a genuinely unique privacy fence.

Privacy fence considerations

When deciding on a privacy fence first define your overall goals.

1. Do you need to define a property line?

2. Do you want total privacy, or would you be happy with a look that allows light and airflow?

3. How much maintenance are you ok with?

4. Define your budget.

5. Pick a style that complements your house and yard design and color scheme.

When it comes to designing your next fence project, Premier Fence has a team of expert fence builders who are highly experienced and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves on always using high-quality materials for our fences.

Our exceptional customer service is why Premier Fence is one of the best fence companies in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

We offer a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from, competitive pricing and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

We would love to consult with you on your privacy fence options and help you create a fence you will cherish for years. Schedule a free estimate.

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