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How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

If you are considering the installation of a wood fence and want to know how long do wood fences last, Premier Fence estimates 15 – 20 years. If you want to get maximum life from your wood fence, consider these factors:

1. Type of Wood used in construction: Some wood, like cedar and redwood, are naturally resistant to rot and decay. Other woods like pine and spruce are more susceptible to seasonal weather conditions, especially extreme weather.

2. Quality of the Wood Used: If you live in an area with a lot of new construction, getting quality wood may be difficult because it is in such high demand. The boards should be straight, free from knots and holes, and properly dried to ensure maximum life and durability.

3. Climate: Consider your climate. If you live in an extreme climate with a lot of heat and humidity, choose naturally resistant woods like cedar and redwood to avoid rot and decay. The same goes for climates with extreme cold and snow.

4. Maintenance: Regular maintenance matters when considering the question of how long do wood fences last. To ensure a long lasting fence, regular cleaning, and repair are essential. Sealing, staining, or painting every few years also extends the life of a wood fence.

5. Location: The location of your wood fence matters. Consult a professional for advice if your fence will be installed in an area prone to flooding, wind damage, insects, or thick vegetation.

Additional tips for a long lasting wood fence

Choose a company that will install your fence correctly using the right materials and support systems.

Make sure you inspect your wood fences regularly for damage, and be sure to repair that damage promptly. This includes staining, painting, or sealing your fence every few years.

Clean your wood fence regularly and avoid using harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your fence. You can get the maximum life from your wood fence with proper attention and care.

Lastly, as part of your regular lawn care maintenance, trim vegetation or tree branches leaning on your fence, trim bushes to create airflow between your landscaping and your fence, and clear any leaves or debris from your fence line.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the question, how long do wood fences last? Premier Fence feels that wood fencing can last for decades, and if some outside forces, such as weather, damage your fence, it is easy to replace parts or sections.

As a fence company dedicated to your satisfaction, Premier Fence can provide you with a wide variety of wood fencing that is incredibly customizable.

There are many styles to choose from. These include side-by-side, board-on-board, lattice, post and rail, and more. Moreover, there are different kinds of woods and varnishes to choose from. These options will ensure you can find a style and color to match your vision for your property.

Let us help you design your dream wood fence. Schedule a free estimate today.

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