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Front Yard Fence Ideas for Every Budget and Style

A front yard fence offers a beautiful way to define your space and add curb appeal. From traditional choices like wood or aluminum for a high-end decorative appeal, front yard fences will complement any home style.

Front yard fence ideas

Picket Fences: A timeless front yard fence that adds country charm to your home or garden. Picket fencesadd charm and curb appeal and are available in many materials like wood, vinyl, and metal. At Premier Fence, we can work with you to find a material that will fit your budget and style.

Board and Batten Wood Fence: This style is like a picket fence, except it is built with horizontal boards spaced apart and attached to vertical battens. This is a popular choice for country or farmhouse-style homes but can be incorporated into any home design.

Aluminum Fence: An elegant fence with unlimited design options, aluminum fence is versatile and easy to install in any front yard fence configuration.

An aluminum fence adds sophistication and can be designed with a modern, Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco vibe—a low-maintenance, timeless design option for a front yard fence.

Chain Link: This is an affordable option for large yards. You can paint chain link fences or use privacy panels installed with the chain link fence.

Lattice Fence: A lattice fence is built with a frame with lattice panels designed into the frame, allowing light and air to pass while still allowing privacy. They can be built at different heights and constructed from wood,vinyl, or metal.

Living Fence: This eco-friendly option uses shrubs, bamboo, or other living plants to define your front yard space.

Front yard fences are a great way to add curb appeal to your home. They can create an inviting atmosphere, privacy, and security. Define your yard, or just for looks, there are many front yard fence styles to choose from.

To decide on the best fence for your front yard, consider your budget and the style you want to create to fit your home and landscaping.

It is also essential to decide on the level of maintenance you are willing to handle because the type of materials you choose will affect maintenance requirements. Durability is another consideration when deciding on material choice.

Ask yourself what you need your front yard fence to accomplish. Do you want nothing but curb appeal? Do you require security or privacy? Once you understand what you want to achieve with your front yard fence design, the following decisions will be easier.

Whether it is wood, vinyl, metal, or a combination of materials, installation is another critical factor. Premier Fence’s team of highly skilled fence builders have the knowledge and experience to deliver a superior fence installation that you will enjoy for years.

We always use high-quality materials and offer competitive prices and a satisfaction guarantee.

At Premier Fence, we take pride in our exceptional customer service, which has allowed us to become one of the best Charlotte fence companies in the area. We would love to discuss your next fencing project.

Schedule a free estimate today!

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