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What are the Best Fence Options to Protect Your Kids?

Warm sunshine, a gentle breeze, and the happy sounds of children playing in your backyard. This is the magic of outdoor play.


Research consistently shows that time spent in nature during childhood has numerous long-term benefits. It fosters physical health, nurtures creativity, enhances social skills, and even instills a lifelong love for the outdoors.


With all the benefits of outdoor play, parents still need to be sure they are providing a safe place for their children to play. The right privacy fence can give you peace of mind when your children are outdoors.


Features to Consider


There are a few things to consider when choosing a privacy fence.


−      Tall, sturdy construction


−      No leverage to climb the fence


−      There are no gaps that kids can squeeze through, or strangers can look in


−      No hazards like points, spears, or easily splintering wood


−      Secure, easy to close gate


Top Privacy Fence Options for Child Safety


Solid vinyl fences are the number one choice for child safety. They should be at least 6 feet tall to offer maximum privacy.


●      Pros: They are available in the right height, come in various styles and colors, and are low maintenance. Vinyl is smooth, so splinters are not a worry, and they don’t have sharp edges.


●      Cons: They can be more expensive than wood fences.


Aluminum Fences: This is another top choice for a child-safe fence.


●      Pros: Aluminum fences are very durable and strong. They come in a variety of styles and require minimal maintenance. Look for styles with flat tops to avoid climbing.


●      Cons: They can also be more expensive than wood.


Solid Wood Fences: This is the next best choice after vinyl and aluminum.

 ●      Pros: It is affordable, excellent at blocking noise, and provides a beautiful, natural look. Choose pressure-treated wood and a design style that doesn’t have any gaps.


●      Cons: Wood fences require regular maintenance, like staining and sealing.

Additional Considerations


Gate safety:


Ensure all gates have a self-closing mechanism and a latch high enough to be out of your children’s reach.


Safety latches:


There are several options to make sure your children can’t open your gate latches.


Pool safety latches:


These specialized latches are high-strength and require several steps to open, making them difficult for young children to manipulate.


Keyed locks:


A keyed lock adds another layer of safety because the kids can’t open it without a key.


Magnetic locks:


Magnetic locks use magnets that need a particular movement or code to open.


Double latch system:


Adding a second latch higher above the first makes it hard for a child to open both latches simultaneously.


By prioritizing safety features and choosing the right material and style, you can create a secure, worry-free outdoor space for your children to play and explore.


Premier Fence offers a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials for the perfect child-safe privacy fence.


We provide expert installation and quality materials at an affordable price. Schedule your free estimate today for a safe, secure backyard.


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