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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Vinyl Fence

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Vinyl Fence

Installing a vinyl fence offers homeowners a great return on investment because of the ease of maintenance and long life. If you’ve taken the plunge, these tips to maintain vinyl fences will ensure your investment is protected for a long time to come.

The professionals at Premier Fence Fort Mill offer these 5 tips to maintain vinyl fences:

  • Regular cleaning: This is the easiest, most cost-effective way to maintain your vinyl fences. Removing dirt, dust, and debris will keep your vinyl fence looking like new, and it is easy to do. Use a mild soap and water solution and hose off.

  • Remove mold and mildew: If you live in a rainy, humid environment, it is important to know that excessive rain and humidity can cause mold and mildew growth. Taking care of this before you experience extreme build-up will extend the life of your fence.

To remove mold and mildew, fill a garden sprayer with 1 part bleach, five drops of Dawn dish detergent, and ten parts water. Spray the fence and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Finish by spraying the fence with a garden hose to remove the cleaning solution.

If you don’t have a garden sprayer, you can wipe the solution on the fence, let it sit, and then spray it off with a hose.

  • Seal with a protective coat: Vinyl fences are naturally resistant to the elements, but you can extend this life by sealing your fence against rain, snow, and sun by adding a sealer or UV protectant.

  • Professional inspection: A professional company like Premier Fence Fort Mill understands tips to maintain vinyl fences because they work with them every day. The advantage of having a professional fence company inspect your fence once a year is that they can check for damage, repair it before it worsens, and look for potential damage.

  • Avoid pressure washers: The extreme pressure that pressure washers use to clean can damage your vinyl fencing, especially if you are not used to working with them. Cleaning with a soap and water solution is safer. If you have to use a pressure washer, be sure to set it on the lowest setting and stand back to decrease the power of the water stream.

Additional Maintenance Tips

Remove snow after a storm if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. Snow can damage your fence by creating warping or cracking, so removal is essential. If you experience snow damage, contact a professionalimmediately for help fixing your fence.

Avoid harsh chemicals like paint thinner or gasoline. If you must use them, they must be diluted appropriately to ensure they don’t damage your fence. Also, avoid using cleaning products containing acidic substances like lemon juice or other citric acids because they can damage your fence.

Stay away from abrasive cleaning tools like scouring pads or steel wool. Vinyl fencing doesn’t hold up well from abrasive materials because they damage the vinyl fence’s protective coating.

Repair damage like loose pickets, broken or cracked spots, holes, and tears as soon as possible to stop further damage. Premier Fence also advises inspection of connectors and their parts to ensure your fence stays intact in these areas and doesn’t compromise the strength of your fence by pulling apart at the sections.

Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so they stay off your fencing.

Premier Fence Fort Mill is your trusted partner if you want to install vinyl fencing. We offer easy financingtailored to your specific needs. We are also here to help you with yearly maintenance and advice to ensure your vinyl fence looks great for years.

Our job is to make your life easy. At Premier Fence, we take pride in our exceptional customer service, which has allowed us to become one of the top fence companies serving the greater Charlotte, NC, area.

Our team of expert fence builders is experienced and knowledgeable, and we always use high-quality materials for our fence installations.

We offer competitive prices and a satisfaction guarantee so that you can trust us with all your fencing needs. Contact us with questions or to schedule a free consultation.

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